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In order to change a child's life we depend on your help. According to ICBF it has been shown that the development of a child in early childhood affects a good school and academic performance in the future. These children, whose needs for nutrition, education, emotional and health among others, have been covered in the early age, are more likely to develop into a good adult citizens of the future, which will contribute positively to the human and economic development of their community. Thereby helping to reduce crime rates and fertility among others. Help us help them and build a better Country for all.
Today you can change a child's life

Your company can support the project through mentoring or supporting one of the fundraising events we realize each year.

The project of sponsorship of children under the protection of FANA, is to ensure a certain number of seats in the institution, for a certain time, which allows providing comprehensive care and premium protection, to these children whose rights have been violated, and who are under the protection of FANA.

• To find out more about this program please contact us directly.
• Contact information:
• Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Tel: 680 60 00, ext 109
Annually we hold some fundraising events to keep our children with the best quality services. To learn more about current events please visit the EVENTS option.

donaciones With your support, you are participating in the development of a child, whose rights have been violated. Sponsoring housing, food, health, education, psycho-social and everything needed to grow and develop in the best possible way, in an environment of protection and love while their rights are restored and returns or finds a family where the boy or girl will be a protagonist and have a happy life.

With your help each one of our children receives:

Care and permanent support by nurses, psychologists, social workers and specialists.
Accommodation and 5 full meals each day.
Medical and dental checkups, and all therapies necessary for their development. As well as all medications as needed.
Costume donation: 3 pajamas and 3 street clothes consisting of: sweater, pants or skirt, shirt or T-shirt, underwear, socks, shoes, towel.
Cleaning supply: toothbrush, soap, shampoo, comb, sunscreen, and diapers.
Education: depending on the age of each child enrolled in the corresponding educational program. And all the school equipment, complete uniforms, supplies and books.

* Credit card donations:

Now is your chance to help us by joining the monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual permanently donation plan according to your preference. Insert your credit card and authorize payment to us of the monthly amount desired, depending on the frequency you choose, automatically from your credit or debit card. That way you will be supporting us and the change in the life of a boy or a girl will be permanent.

Click here to make a donation

* Donations in kind:

The following are some of our current needs,
To make your donations contact us at 680 60 00 or  correo1correo2
Following our slogan "FANA enables the dreams of the children", during the year we realize different types of events in FANA, with the children of FANA, where we celebrate special occasions for them, as well as others with members of our community in order to raise funds.

You or your company can support us in these events through financial donations to hold the event, donations in-kind (food, music, drinks, recreation, etc.), participating as a sponsor, purchasing a stand or putting up advertising of your company in the event.

For more information contact: correo1Telephone: 6806000                                    apoyo eventos
Halloween: on October 31 we celebrate Halloween with children of FANA and the ones from the co-financed kindergarten, they are a total of approximately 250 children.

Christmas: It's a very important time for our children and we want to make it special, at Christmas time we have parties for the children at FANA. In addition, on December 25 we give a gift pack to each child, asking families and businesses to fill the bags with what is on the list, underwear, pajamas, a toy, candy, socks and shoes. To be able to fulfill the dreams of our children to wear new clothing on Christmas Day.

You can support us in the following ways: by giving a party for the children, sending Christmas gifts or assuming to fill one or more gift bags.

AMIFANA Christmas Dinner: Each December in order to provide the necessary resources to ensure adequate care of children under the protection of FANA, the Friends of FANA (AMIFANA) organizes a Christmas Dinner at the Country Club of Bogota; this event is organized with the aim to share with our community and friends the magic of Christmas and to support the Foundation in its important management. On average about 400 people attends.

You or your company may also contribute to the successful realization of our Christmas dinner through direct sponsorship at the event or through the purchase of ticket for the event, which can be used as a corporate gift.

Family Day: In May, we celebrate Children's Day in FANA.

To support any of these events, please contact: correo1or telephone: 680 60 00
FANA offers different opportunities for you to join and you work as a volunteer.
We have a group of wonderful people who are permanently coming to FANA to share and play with the children, providing care and distraction that is fundamental to the development of them.

We have a volunteer group of 40 women who weekly attend to help in different areas; to give support in the direct care of children, the administrative and recreational activities and educational outings.
 Additionally, FANA has an international volunteer program, where we receive foreigners who want to live the experience of working in a foundation in Colombia and share experiences and expertise with our team and children. They participate in the direct care of children, teaching English, playing with the kids or in the administrative area.

We work together with an international organizations to promote collaboration and participation of people through volunteering, such as Heart for Change.
If you are interested in participate in any of our volunteer programs you may contact:

Maria Gabriela Cadena, Project Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or at 6806000.