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What is FANA?
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FANA is the Foundation for the Support of Abandoned Children,queesfanaa social private institution, a non-profit organization, devoted to the comprehensive protection of children. In FANA, family systems are strengthened to turn them into guarantors of the children rights, so that children within their family can develop their potentials and be happy.
FANA provides protection, nutrition and early education services of the highest quality to all the children who enter the institution, thus contributing to resolve their situation of vulnerability and restore their rights. The goal of FANA is to work with children in need, their families and the community, in order to improve their quality of life and ensure their proper development.

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The FANA project was born one evening on September 1971, as part of a discussion between Mercedes Rosario Pineda de Martínez, its founder, and some friends who are still today members of the Founders Council of FANA. At first, these people agreed to offer their private homes to accommodate abandoned children, while the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF, state body in charge of protection and national adoptions programs) helped them to find a family. In order that this initiative had a legal basis, the necessary steps were taken that same year before Colombian authorities.

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We are an organization that protects children with LOVE, guaranteeing their rights, so they can develop their potential. We comply with the social justice duty of giving a family to children who lack it, through adoption.

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To be an institution recognized by the impact it has on Colombian society for its work on behalf of children, achieving financial sustainability to ensure its permanence.
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During 40 years of work, FANA has provided comprehensive protection to 14,000 children. 10,000 of them now have a family and the possibility of a better future. Additionally, more than 4,000 children under our protection have benefited from our care and rehabilitation program, while their legal status is defined.

Recent Impact
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During the 2009-2011 period, FANA has served nearly 2,600 families through its various programs. We have secured the right of 300 children to belong to a family, taking care of the physical and emotional needs of nearly 500 women, some of them under 18 years of age. In addition, our educational programs and counseling approach enabled us to approach more than 1,400 adults in our community, enabling us to help prevent family violence.

By the end of 2011 a monthly average of 85 children were assisted, between their birth and the age of thirteen. These 85 children on average were: 40 children under two years, 30 between three and five years old, and 15 between six and thirteen years of age.

During 2011, 26 children were assigned to Colombian families and 29 to foreign families, for a total of 55 children given for adoption in the year, of whom 10 were difficult to adopt children, either because they were over 8 years of age, groups of siblings or children with disabilities, they were delivered through the “Magia Grande” program.
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MERIT AWARD: awarded to Mercedes Rosario Pineda de Martínez, by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, August 8, 2012.

MERIT AWARD: Awarded by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, November 24, 2008.

NATIONAL ORDER OF MERIT in the grade of commander: conferred by the President of the Republic of Colombia, February 4, 2002.

XIII CAFAM WOMAN AWARD: Awarded by the Family Compensation Fund - CAFAM, March 2001.

FATHER BAKER SERVICE TO YOUTH AWARD: Awarded by the Archdiocese of Buffalo – New York - USA, November 13, 1998.

NATIONAL ORDER OF MERIT, SILVER CROSS: conferred by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, April 20, 1997.

ORDRE NATIONAL DE LA LÉGION D'HONNEUR in the Grade of Chevalier de La Legion d'Honneur: awarded by the President of France, Francois Mitterrand, Paris, France. May 12, 1995.

7th NATIONAL AWARD FOR SOLIDARITY, Institutions category: awarded by the newspaper El Colombiano, June 29, 1993.

MEDAILLE DE LA PROTECTION JUDICIAIRE DE LA JEUNESSE: granted by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of France, Pierre Mehaignerie, August 4, 1993.

FAMILY WELFARE ORDER OF MERIT: Awarded by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute "ICBF", February 24, 1992.

ORDEN PRO ECCLESIA ET PONTIFICE: granted by His Holiness John Paul II in the Vatican City, January 31, 1992.

BOGOTA CITY CIVIL ORDER OF MERIT: The Mayor of Santa Fe de Bogota, Juan Martín Caicedo Ferrer, by means of Decree No. 051, decorated with the rank of Grand Officer. January 31, 1992.

SAINTE MARGUERITE D'YOUVILLE humanitarian order: granted by the Grey Nuns Community of Charity of Montreal, Canada, February 1992.

Nomination among the 10 Women of the Year: Mercedes Martínez Pineda Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia, 1978.
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